10 minute Self-love guided meditation youtube for unconditionally acceptance and approval of oneself. We should love ourselfes unconditionally, without any shame or guilt. Every beeing on this beautiful planet is unique and beautiful. Love is the way. Love teaches us.
With this guided meditation for self love I would like to give you a tool to practise meditation and feel good inside and with yourself.

guided Meditation self love on youtube

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Self-love might not be easy to achieve, but without pure acceptance of oneself and selflove we wont become happy, we wont feel good in the end. We should be proud of ourselfes and what we accomplished in life so far.

Be your very own best friend and lover. If you feel love deep inside you, you will be radiant and guidance for others around you. Love is wisdom. Share this wisdom.

Self love meditation script

Welcome to this guided meditation for self love. My Name is Narayanjot and I am very glad that you are taking the time for this self love meditation and for yourself.

beginn by allowing yourself to sit or lay down in a comfortable meditation

make it cozy and comfortable

you might want to grap a blanket and wrap it around you

now close your eyes

you become aware of your breath

feel the sensation of your breathe when it enters your nose and goes down your lungs

what muscels are you uterilizing?

what sensations acure?

just allow your breath to be soft and gentle during this meditation

beginn to ecome aware of your body and its current position

what do you notice

you might change your position to become more comfortable

what ever you do
just stay present and ask your sölf what do you need to feel comfortable

become more and more aware of how it feels to be present in your body

whithout judging and trying to change it
just be present

with the next breathing in open your heart and let as much air as you could inside your body
and with breathing out you relax aaalll the muscles of your body.

drop more deeply into your body and into this moment
concentrate your focus iin the middle of your chest.
this is your heart energy center
bring your awarness deep inside into it.
breathe in to this space
feel the energy that you receive

now you can imagine that you see a higher small universe there
it is always there
it is beautiful and unique and full of love

all the ideas of how we should be, look like or what we shoud do, is outside of this area, of this universe, it is far away
and it does not exist there.
only love is real
in this present moment you feel it
although you might not fully understand it.
well you dont need to fully understand it
but your heart simply knows.
Love is not always about understanding
it is deeper than that
it is natural inherate feeling, that exists inside you from the very beginning
this unconmditional love is your birth right
your only job right now is to relax and beeing comfortable in this heart center
become one with this area
become a radiant beeing of unconditional love and acceptance
only for you.
you deserve it
you are unconditional love
that is your deepest truth and the deepest truth of your inner universe

i love myself becouse i am love
take a deep breath and feel how this universal love connects with yourself deep within you
breathe out and feel how this love wrapes around you like a silk blanked
breathe in again and feel hugged
you might even hugh yourself now.
say the words or whisper them softly
I love myself because i am love.

breathe in again very gently
and when you breathe out
open your beautiful eyes.