Meditationsmusik & Entspannungsmusik

Journey to your innerself


This meditation is perfect for Reiki-Sessions or for relaxing or sleeping or dreaming. Its a journey to your inner child and back again. Lenght: 16 min.

instrumental relaxing music for stress relief.
Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the journey to your innerself. Travel through a landescape of forests, lakes and the ocean. Follow the path inside your soul, back to the time where you have been a baby in mothers belly.
Feel free and imagine what life you have lived and what kind of life you would like to live, what you would choose if you will be born new on the planet earth.

Hold yourself with lovley arms, be close to your heart. touch your soul.

Breath deeply. relax your body relax your muscles, relax your mind.

Dive into a deep meditation or sleep totaly relaxed.

Deep sleep music with ocean waves by Andreas Voland. Fall asleep fast with relaxing sleeping music featuring sounds of nature, birds and rivers in the background. Narayanjot Records produces Soothing Relaxation meditation music, relaxing music, instrumental sleep music, spa music, kundalini yoga mantra meditation music, relaxing background music, beautiful sounds and more.

Relaxing Music Video – Journey to your innerself

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