Body Scan meditation for sleep - guided Meditation

Body Scan meditation for sleep 10 minnutes – guided by male voice

Welcome to this free short guided Body Scan Meditation for sleep – mindfulness 10 minutes Meditation to relax, self-healing or fall asleep fast – guided by a soothing calm male voice of Narayanjot Singh

Body Scan Meditation for sleep Script

Welcome to this guided body scan meditation for sleep
a guided meditation to relax and recharge.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable and relaxed position.
place your hands either face down or face up.
gently close your eyes.
bring your attention to your breath.
at this moment do not change your breath.
just watch and be aware of your breath.
Let your breath flow easiliy and in your very own natural rhythm.

Now take some deep, slow and loving breaths in and out.
Breathe and relax.
As you inhale and exhale,
become aware of your body
scan your body
you might feel tension or tighness somewhere.
bring your awareness to this part
and conciously relax your body

relax your face
your tongue, your shoulders
feel your shoulders fall,
relax your arms and fingers.

breath in
and with every breathing out you are relaxing your body a little bit more.
now bring your attention to your back.
relax your back, your belly, your chest,
relax your legs and your feet.
you feel light.
enjoy this moment of lightness.

Now, become aware of the surface below you.
Sense the weight of your body.
Feel the gravity of the earth.
Experience mother earth is grounding you
and recharging your system with its devine energy.
Breath in this energy.

Bring your attention back to your breath.
With every breathing out,
bring calmness to your body,
empty your head
and let go thoughts and emotions of your daily life.
If you become lost in thoughts,
just gently guide your attention back to your breath.
Breathe and relax…

Continue breathing in your very own natural rhythm.
Feel your body relax.
Let this body breathe.
Enjoy this feeling.

when you are ready
Breathe deeply in and out.

You are now recharged and uplifted.

Take a moment before you come back
and keep the attention on your breath for a while.

What is body scan meditation?

The body scan is a very effective way of meditation practise. It is very mindful and a good way to tune in and connect to your body, your physical self and feelings without judgement. Relaxation is not the primery goal of meditation or body scan but it can have this effect.

Does Meditation work while sleeping?

Meditation can be a great tool to relax and find calmness and mindfulness. Meditating is a very active practise and you need concentration for this. It is still not clear if some phases of sleep itself are having the same effect as meditation.

Can meditation make you fall asleep?

Falling asleep during meditation is a normal thing. And according to Headspace, one of the main reasons behind the phenomenon is simple: It can be really hard to find the perfect balance between focus and relaxation, especially when you’re first starting out in your practice.

What happens to your body when you meditate?

Due to meditation your body is in a relaxation mode. Meditation helps to strenghten your immune system. It lowers your blood pressure. Your vegetative nerve system gets activated so it lowers your blood pressure and improves heart rate and slows down the breathing. The tension and tightness of your muscles and body fall off and you begin to relax.

Is it good to meditate before bed?

Because of the relaxing effect of meditating it may help you to sleep better and fall asleep fast. As a relaxation technique, meditation can help you to clear your mind and relax your body, while receiving inner peace and calmness and become mindful. Meditation can be a helpful sleep methode and reduce sleep troubles, like any other routine does. But due to the relaxation effect, meditation might be more effective.

Mindful Body Scan for relaxation and sleep

Fall asleep fast in 10 minutes with this short mindful Body Scan Meditation with a soothing calm male voice and relaxing healing frequency music in the background