Full moon meditation is a very well known practise, as the moon is very connected to spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga.

The moon in general is an important part of our lifes. La luna is the closest friend of mother earth. The Moon phases guided humans and animals equaly through their lifes. We are celebrating the full moon and the moon phases are deviding our time on earth, so we can calculate harvest or other important regularly periods.

What happens on a full moon day?

A full moon is that phase of the moon when it is completely illuminated as seen from the earth. During this time, the earth is right between the sun and the moon.
In some cultures its believed that the full moon affects the movement and flow of water in creation.
In our universe, every object has an impact on Some people believe that in our universe, every thing has an impact on each other. Due to that anciant philosophy the full moon as well as the new moon have an effect on the body and mind.
The rays of the moon and the gravity affect human beings, animals, plants, water etc. As our bodies consist of 70% water, the full moon meditation helps us to turn inside ourself and go deep within our spirit and experiencing the divine energy that surrounds everything within.

Full Moon Meditation – Guided Meditation

Welcome to this Full moon meditation for inner transformation and releasing old unwanted things, emotions and cleanse.

guided full moon meditation script

Welcome to this Full Moon Meditation for inner transformation and releasing old unwanted things, emotions and cleanse.

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position.
Close your eyes and take some deep, slow and loving breaths in and out.
Breathe and relax.
Let your breath flow easiliy and in your own natural rhythm.
As you inhale and exhale, relax your face and your body.

Clear your mind and open your heart and energy to the light of the Divine, which is all around you.
Trust in the light and powerful energy of the full moon.
Imagine and feel the soft light of the Full Moon glowing above you.
The light of the Full Moon which is connected to all the living on our planet and to you.

Now, bring to mind that which you no longer want in your life.
The things you wish to release that do not serve you anymore.
Let go this negative energy or emotions.
Release them and feel them disappearing in the full and powerful light of the full moon.

Experience your energy, mind and body receive cleanse and being uplifted and recharged by the light of the full moon.

What is the desire of your heart at this present moment of your life?
Visualize it and imagine the Divine light of the moon is charging and uplifting your intentions to the universe.

The new circle has started and you are refreshed and charged with powerfull energy.
Breathe in and out.
and just be.

Take a moment before you come back
and enjoy the light of the full Moon.