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OM Mantra Meditation


OM (or AUM) is a holy Mantra for inner peace and power. We composed a 12 minute version.

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„In The Beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.“ (Johannes Evangelium)

OM Mantra

OM is ment to be the universal Sound a holy Mantra. Acording to the Genesis of the Hinduism the universe was formed out of OM. OM was the first sound, or the first word of God. One could draw parallels to the Big Bang or the christian „Amen“.
OM comes from Sanskrit, an old indian lenguage of the Veden. The Sanskrit Alphabet starts with A and ends with M. The sung or spoken OM could also be understood as A – U – M. Instead of OM you can find also AUM.

OM sign

OM meaning

The three letters of AUM or OM standing for three different conciousness.
A – awake
U – dreaming
M – deep sleep

You might translete OM free as – All that was, all that is, all that will be.

OM effekt

By chanting the mantra OM the mind finds peace and calms down. The inner organs getting a massage, the whole body vibrates, specially while chanting the M.

OM prelistening