Julien Cotett - Sape Player from Kuching
Coming from Paris, France in July 2011, Julien Cottet came to Sarawak for the first time as a solo traveler with the interest to get a tapping tattoo. He was given a sape by Ernesto Kalom, an well known tattoo artist in Sarawak. The sape is made from Mango tree hand crafted by Francis Kujen.
Initially planning to stay in Kuching for four days during his Southeast Asian tour, he end up living in Kuching
Currently, as an independent sape player, sape maker, Julien Cottet continues to make, play and teach sape in Kuching.
To Julien Cottet, there’s no limit in music making. The message he is trying to convey as there is no border in creating as long as the authenticity and the original style of sape ornamentation is being preserved which makes the essence of sape.